Exhibit of the Amuseum
Photos of peripherial devices: La Gazette des Pocketicaires 8/2016

Condition Very good

Introduced Probably 1967

Origin Italy

Production years 1967? - 1973?

Items produced No data. This one have serial 51414373

Produced by IME S.p.A. (Industria Macchine Elettroniche), Rome, Italy

Power 220V

Dimensions and weight 330 х 130 х 100 mm; ± 16 kg

Colors offered Black cast aluminium base, khaki cast aluminium cover, tin keyboard panel. There is also interesting cast aluminium shade for the display.

It is one of the legends of first transistored calculators. After the success of IME 84, few years has been presented IME86S - (S from square root function). As its predecestor, also could be attached to different devices, becoming programable device.

On attached photos:
- Magnetic memory ME 5 30
- Remote keyboard with display KB6
- Card programmer/reader DG 308
- Card perforating unit ADDO puncher