Friden 130

Exhibit of the Amuseum

Condition Very good

Introduced mid 1963

Origin USA

Production years 1964 - ?

Items produced ± 18000. This one have serial 3798A

Produced by Friden inc.

Power 220V, 0.3A

Dimensions and weight 465 х 650 х 260 mm; ± 20 kg

Colors offered Dark green base, polished aluminium and ochre. Black front panel.

One of the first electronic calculators in the world, designed and manufactured as such. Considered sto be second only to the English Anita, which is actually a mechanical calculator filled with electronic elements. From historic point of view at the same time (early and mid-1964) Mathatron 4-24, SCM Marchant Cogito 240, IME 84 came on the market. In any case, Friden was one of the pioneers.

The company's owner, Carl Friden, produced mechanical calculators from the mid-1930s, which sold with great success until the early 1960s. He was clever enough to understand possibilities of electronics and began developing a fully electronic calculator in 1961. His creation was shown in mid 1963, but hit the market in mid 1964. A year later, in April 1965 - the same time as Bulgarian Elka 6521 - Frieden introduced next model 132 with a square root function.

The reason for being presented in the Museum of Bulgarian Electronics is the possibility to be compared to Elka 6521.

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